Constructing Your First Commercial Building? Great Tips To Maximize Energy Efficiency

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If you are a roofer who has recently been hired to construct the roof of a commercial building, there is much to think about. There is a lot riding on this project because if you do a good job, the word-of-mouth referrals that you can get from the satisfied property owner could be enough to make your business start to boom more than ever before. The key is to focus on quality and look for ways that you can make the roof an asset. Maximizing the energy efficiency level of the roof is the first place to start, and the information that follows should give you some ideas on how to accomplish this.

Recommend A Reflective Material

When you're having your initial consultation with the building owner, you need to make them aware of how important it is to use a reflective material for the roof. The owner might be focused on using some of the cheaper products without realizing that skimping from the beginning could end up costing them dearly in the long run.

A commercial roof is going to be pounded by the elements every single day of the year. As the rays from the sun beat down on the building, the residual heat that is created can make its way into the structure and create a warming effect that heats up the interior climate. Because the cooling unit in the building is going to have to pump out extra cold air to combat the rush of heat the energy bill is bound to climb higher, and the owner's wallet might take a hit.

Slate tile and white metal roofing products do a wonderful job of reflecting more of the heat that comes from the sun away from the building. Tell your client about these options, and they are sure to thank you later.

Emphasize The Importance Of Roofing Insulation

Installing thick insulation can also help keep energy expenses under control. Plush insulation envelopes the building, keeping indoor air in and outdoor air out. Suggest that your customer opts for a liquid insulation if you are building in a particularly warm environment because the liquid coats more completely than nearly any other type of insulation that you can put in.

Maintaining a customer focus is the best way to grow your roofing business like never before. Focus on building your first commercial roofing with these tips and mind and hopefully you will get excellent results.