How To Remove Mold From Window Frames

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If you smell a musty odor around your window, check the frames for mold. Mold can grow on any surface exposed to high amounts of moisture including wood caused by cracks or worn sealant. 

Mold spreads by spores, and it commonly produces black, white, orange, or green powdery patches. Untreated mold can spread inside the home and lead to health issues. Remove the mold on wooden window frames by following these tips.

Prepare to Remove Mold

To remove mold, gather:

Don't touch mold without gloves, and open a window or run a fan to ventilate, if the mold is inside. To reach high places on the exterior, set a step-ladder or extension ladder on sturdy ground. Get an assistant to hold it for you, or use a stabilizer.

Treat Mold with Dish Soap or Vinegar

Fill a spray bottle with water, and dampen the spores to them from popping off while you work. To treat light cases of mold, you may be able to dampen a brush in tap water

Combine warm water and several drops of dish soap in a gallon bucket. Dip a paper towel in the mixture, wipe the mold, then discard the paper towels in a tightly sealed plastic bag..

If paper towels don't remove the mold easily, set aside a clean bucket of water for rinsing,  Dip the brush or scraper in the mixture, and scrub the mold, rinsing tools as needed.

Moisten a clean paper towel in clear water, and rinse the solution. Set a fan to dry the frames, or use a hair dryer on low heat to speed drying..

Mix a cup of warm water and a cup of white vinegar in a bucket or spray bottle. Dip the sponge or scrub brush in the mixture, shaking or wringing excess liquid, and clean the surface. Let it sit fifteen minutes, dampen a sponge or scrub brush in clear water, then rinse the solution.

Disinfect with Bleach

' Pour the dirty water from the bucket, scald the bucket, and refill it with warm water. Add one-quarter to one cup of bleach, dampen the scrub brush or sponge with the mixture, and scrub the surface.

 Let the mixture stand fifteen to twenty minutes to destroy remaining mold, then rinse. Disinfect tools that came into contact with mold in the bleach solution and don't let anyone near the window until it dries. Fix leaky window areas, and run dehumidifiers to decrease chances of  future mold.

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