How And When To Reseal Marble

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Marble is a very popular construction material. Of course, it is mainly loved because it is so stylish, but it is also extremely durable and easy to take care of. Because of this, it is commonly used for flooring and countertops. But if you do want to own a marble surface, you need to understand that it does require a little bit of maintenance to keep up. Most importantly, marble needs to be sealed on a regular basis. This article explains how and when to seal your marble surface.

How Often Do You Need to Reseal Marble?

The frequency of how often you need to reseal your marble surface depends on several factors. First of all, it depends on exactly what type of surface it is. For instance, a marble floor needs to be refinished most often because it is walked on and the finish wears off. A marble countertop can go much longer without being resealed. However, a marble countertop in the kitchen is going to need to be sealed more often than that on a normal desk. The presence of moisture and raw food on a marble countertop is going to necessitate more thorough and consistent sealing. In fact, if marble in your kitchen is not properly sealed, it can harbor bacteria within the tiny pores.

There are no set rules for how often marble needs to be resealed. In your kitchen and on your floors, you should consider doing it once a year at most. Most people only do it once every three or four years. If you notice bacteria or mold growing on your kitchen counter, you should clean and seal your marble immediately. Similarly, if you notice the shine on your floor is worn down, especially on the areas where people walk, it should be sealed immediately.

How to Reseal Marble

The process of resealing marble is extremely easy, even though it is inconvenient. You obviously need to get everything off your floor, which might necessitate moving some heavy furniture. Basically, you quickly clean your floor before applying the ceiling. The sealant is poured onto the floor and then spread around. You need to allow about an hour for it to soak in, and then you come back with a dry sponge and wipe away the film. Usually, you want to apply two or three coats of sealant at once to create a lasting finish. Because of this, the job usually takes a full day.

You can also contact a professional service, such as OC Marble Restoration, to do marble sealing for you.