Clean A Fireplace's Interior Walls And Hearth Before Repairing Seams That Contain Cracked Mortar

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Cracked mortar that is in between some of the bricks that your fireplace is constructed of can be hazardous if a fire escapes through a gap where mortar is damaged. You should clean the bricks and remove loose mortar with the following repair instructions. After the bricks are dry and damaged mortar has been eliminated, apply a coat of fireplace mortar to areas in need, and smooth out the product so that it lays flush with the bricks that surround it. Here is what you will need:


Sweep The Interior Walls And Hearth And Clean Surfaces

Use a hand broom to loosen debris from the fireplace's interior walls. Begin sweeping at the top of each wall, moving the hand broom from side to side. Continue moving downward with the tool until you have reached the hearth. Use a standard broom to sweep the hearth. Use a scouring sponge to apply a soapy cleanser (dish detergent mixed with water) to bricks that are covered with soot.

Move a wire brush against surfaces that contain cracked mortar so that loose pieces of mortar break off. Rinse the scouring sponge with water and use the sponge to wipe clean bricks. Towel dry interior walls and the hearth, being sure to throw away small pieces of mortar that came loose while you were cleaning the walls and hearth.

Apply Fireplace Mortar And Level The Product

Fireplace mortar is a product that is specifically designed to be used in areas where temperatures are extreme. You can purchase this product from a business that sells home improvement products and tools or from a fireplace retailer, like Quality Fireplace and Chimney. Fireplace mortar can be applied with a caulking gun so that you are able to apply the product with precision and add an even line of mortar along each seam that contains damaged mortar.

After inserting a tube of fireplace mortar in a gun, point the tip of the gun at one end of a seam that contains damaged mortar. Pull the gun's trigger back toward yourself until mortar seeps out of the end of the tool. Carefully move the tool across the surface of each seam. After replacing cracked mortar, use the tip of a soft sponge to level the fresh fireplace mortar that was applied. After pressing the tip of a sponge against the wet mortar, move the sponge across seams in straight lines. Wait for mortar to harden before lighting a fire in the fireplace.