Three Items You Can Save After A House Fire

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After a house fire, you may think that you will have to get rid of all of your belongings. Even if the fire was contained to one or two areas, it is common for smoke to permeate through the residence and for items to get smoke damaged. Since smoke easily moves from room to room, you may find that your clothing, furniture, and personal items have smoke damage. Though smoke damage may be evident, there are some items that can still be saved despite the issues with smoke. Here are three things that you can save even with some smoke damage. 

Expensive fabrics

Whether you have well-made suits or expensive draperies, many expensive fabrics hold up for a number of years. Expensive fabrics are also worth the fight of removing the smoke damage. If you have silk, heavy cotton, satin, and other expensive fabrics, you can send them to a fabric restoration company to have them cleaned. A good cleaning to remove the smoke, plus re-dying can have your expensive fabrics in good condition again. 

Leather items

Leather is automatically a fire resistant fabric. If you have leather furniture or leather clothing that was involved in a fire, you should attempt to salvage these items. If the tips of the leather has been singed due to the fire, you can have the item hemmed or patched so that the singe marks are removed. Leather furniture should be thoroughly washed and aired out so that all traces of the smoke are removed before being reused. Take all leather items out of your closet or home immediately after you are cleared to go back in the home after a fire. 

Wool rugs

Though rugs are on the floor, wool rugs are typically fire retardant. If you have wool rugs that are on the floor, you should take them up after the fire to determine if they are salvageable. Smoke tends to rise, so as long as the fire has not touched the rugs, there is a good chance that the rugs will only have minor smoke damage to the fabric. If there is smoke that is on the rug, you will need to have the rug professional restored. The rug may need to be washed with specialized materials and hung dry for a number of days in order to clear out. Be sure that all traces of smoke are out of the rug before sitting it back down inside of your new home.